SPIN 150i :최소설치면적의 스핀코터


크기: 274mm(w) x 451mm(d) x 254mm(h)

키보드 분리시 :251mm(w) x 251mm(d) x 254mm(h)



싱글프로세스용 스핀코터.
용도 :cleaning, drying, coating, developing
etching up to Ø160mmsubstrates:

* 가능사이즈: up to Ø160mm wafer,100mm x 100mm
- 재질 : Full 플래스틱 하우징(NPP) -옵션:테플론 가능
- T투명한 뚜껑및 중앙에 디스펜싱용 시린지홀더Hall
- 수동 디스펜싱및 오토디스펜싱 가능(옵션키트 필요)
- Automatic safety lid lock with sensor interlock
- Detachable controller interface for easy

integration :spin150I-Ind 형(글로브박스 설치시 유리) .
- N2 diffuser for N2 purge during process
- Easy, step-by-step recipe programming via large

- colour touchscreen
- Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with

- multiple steps / each for:
- Time 0.1-99999 sec/step
- Speed 0-12,000 rpm
- 회전방향 변경 가능 (CW, CCW, puddling)
- Acceleration / Deceleration 1-30,000rpm/sec,

-selectable per step
- Vacuum On/Off
- 3 Programmable Dry Contacts:
e.g. for automated control of Dispense unit,

- Nitrogen diffuser, etc.
- Structured and password protected recipe

- storage for easy and safe management
- 고정밀 독일제 DC서보 모터 장착 최고의 Coating Thickness Uniformaty 실현 가능 Standard included: ? (1) standard - Vacuum Chuck A-V36-S45-PP-HD, Ø45mm for up to Ø6“ wafers.

- (1) D-V10-S50-PP, Small Fragment Adapter
(for Ø ½“- Ø 2’’ Pieces and Fragments optional) (Alternative chucks optionally available)
- Drain connection 1” male NPT (Exhaust Hose optionally available




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