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Details we need to know for providing a quotation :

a. Application Process(es) to run

b. Liquid Chemical(s) to use

c. Available process recipe(step&Memory) to run

d. Expected performance :Uniformaty or?

e. Wafer(s) / Substrate(s) and/or Fragments sizes

f. "Table Top" Model or "In-deck" (OEM) Installed Model

g. Model MCD (Manual Chemical Dispense or ACD (Automatic Chemical Dispense)

h. Preferred /needed Spinner housing and chuck Material = NPP or TFM Teflon

j. Acceleration / Deceleration required (if other than standard 1- 30,000 rpm/sec)

k. Use Standard Vacuum Chuck or Mechanical Chuck =low Contact Saddle Pins

l. Use non standard porous or other chuck(s)

m. In-House Vacuum available or extra Vacuum Pump required

n. Voltage and Frequency e.g. 120 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz

o. Other facilities options, Chemical Tanks, Chem. Distribution, Wet Bench etc. n. Does customer need special cabinet and/or chemical supply/distribute cabinet

p. Available budget

q. Competitive information

r. eventual presently used system for this application

s. Expected Purchasing Date

t. Required delivery date

u. Special terms delivery / transport / paperwork / L/C etc.

v. Is this a University / R&D site / Government or Production FAB

w. Full Address,Tel / Fax Numbers / E mail address etc.

x. Other information Please also look at our Web Site www.sps-korea.com SPS-Korea co.

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