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The AI-100 is a self-contained freestanding incline conveyor. Itís designed to accept direct feeds from Amscomaticís Unibagger II, but can be used in numerous situations requiring automated product conveyance. The AI-100 is available in 12?(30 cm) and 18?(46 cm) belt widths, and can be optionally configured to function as a horizontal conveyor. The optional counter stops the AI-100 conveyor upon reaching the set count. Resetting the counter restarts the conveyor.

When combined with the optional counter and AIC-100 Automatic Indexing Conveyor, the AI-100 delivers accurate counts while automatically loading shipping cartons. Upon reaching the set count, the AI-100 counter signals the AIC-100 to index the full carton a programmed distance and delivers an empty carton under the AI-100 for continuous distribution of finished products. The counter then automatically resets to zero and begins a new count sequence.

Amscomaticís AI-100 and AIC-100 are solidly built of heavy-duty steel and premium components for durable, long-lasting performance and smooth, quiet operation. Like all Amscomatic products, theyíre built with Amscomaticís attention to quality, durability, and design excellence, and are backed by Amscomaticís unsurpassed service and support.

Conveyor Belt
12.0?(30 cm) width
13.5?(35 cm) between cleats
Angle of belt at discharge height (Max/Min): 58.0 degrees/28.5 degrees
Discharge height (Max/Min): 51.5?45.5?131/116 cm)
Cleated belt ensures positive product transfer and accurate counts

Design & Construction
Adjustable delivery height and angle
Constructed of heavy-duty steel and premium components
Heavy-duty casters for easy mobility
Motorized drive roller for positive traction and long life

LxW: 85?x 17?(216 x 43 cm)

Electrical Requirements
110v, 1 phase, 2.5 amps, 60Hz

24-hour hotline

Access to the M&R/Amscomatic Training Centers

One-year limited

AIC-100 Automatic Indexing Conveyor
Attaches to a counter-equipped AI-100
Automatically indexes its conveyor a programmed distance each time the AI-100 counter signals that the set count has been reached

Conveyor Belt
18?(46 cm) width available

AIC-100 mode: The AI-100-C counter signals the AIC-100 (if attached) when the set count is reached, causing the AIC-100 to index a programmed distance; the counter then resets to zero and repeats the process
AI-100 mode: The AI-100-C counter automatically stops the AI-100 conveyor when the set count is reached; production resumes when the operator resets the counter to zero

Design & Construction
Horizontal configuration provides conveyor heights from 37.5?(95 cm) to 45.5?(116 cm)

Electrical Requirements
208/230v, 1 phase, 1.25 amps, 50Hz
Other configurations available

Model Electrical
Belt Speed
@ 81 RPM
AI-100 110, 1 phase,
2.5 amps, 60 Hz
85" x 17"
(216 x 43 cm)
94 fpm**
20 mpm***
200 lbs
(91 kg)

Discharge Height
Incline Angle at
Max/Min Discharge Height
51.5?45.5?br>(131/116 cm) 58.0o/28.5o 45.5?37.5?br>(116/95 cm)

* If incoming voltage differs from the voltage(s) listed in this brochure, calculate amperage accordingly
** feet-per-minute
*** meters-per-minute